Steve Cropper

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controlled by capillarity, any attempt to predict DNAPL behavior in a porous medium requires determination of Dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) are important subsurthe capillary pressure–saturation relationship, hereafter face contaminants. Information is lacking on DNAPL behavior in heterogeneous porous media such as weathered rock (saprolite). We(More)
Cognitive Mapping is a technique which has been developed over a period of time and through its application has demonstrated its use for Operational Researchers working on a variety of different tasks. These tasks include; providing help with structuring messy or complex data for problem solving, assisting the interview process by increasing understanding(More)
Thelymitra epipactoides has a highly variable visual display achieved through polychromatic flowers and variable inflorescence size, bearing between 7 and 31 flowers, which attract foraging polylectic bees. Only bees of the genusNomia were observed carrying pollinia and successfully pollinating the orchid. The genusNomia contains polylectic, pollen(More)
The mechanism and route of clearance of intestinal alkaline phosphatase from plasma have been studied in rats to define the magnitude of hepatic extraction and biliary excretion of the enzyme. Plasma clearance, tissue distribution, and biliary excretion of enzyme were followed after intravenous administration of physiological amounts of 125I-labeled rat(More)
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