Steve Cooper

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In this paper, we describe a pedagogy for an undergraduate programming course using Alice 3 and Java. We applied the educational theory of mediated transfer to develop a new version of the Alice system and accompanying instructional materials. The pedagogy was implemented and tested over two years. Student test scores in experimental, treatment course(More)
Despite the potential wealth of educational indicators expressed in a student's approach to homework assignments, how students arrive at their final solution is largely overlooked in university courses. In this paper we present a methodology which uses machine learning techniques to autonomously create a graphical model of how students in an introductory(More)
NatureServe is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the scientific knowledge that forms the basis for effective conservation action. Acknowledgements We wish to acknowledge the generous support provided by The Nature Conservancy for this effort to classify and characterize the ecological systems of the United States. We are particularly grateful(More)
Do we need another editorial about engaging students in learning computer science so they will stay in the field and prepare for a career or further study? We wish it were not so, but in spite of some progress, there is little evidence that our students complete courses or stay in their degree programs at better rates than a few years ago. There are bright(More)
1. SUMMARY In the past decade educators have developed a myriad of tools to help novices learn to program. Different tools emerge as new features or combinations of features are employed. In this panel we consider the features of recent tools that have garnered significant interest in the computer science education community. These including narrative tools(More)
Sexual dimorphism or dichromatism has long been considered the result of sexual selection. However, for many organisms the degree to which sexual dichromatism occurs has been determined within the confines of human perception. For birds, objective measures of plumage color have revealed previously unappreciated sexual dichromatism for several species. Here(More)