Steve C.-Y. Chen

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Communication between adjacent cells through gap junctions is believed to be involved in the regulation of cell proliferation. This stems in part from the observation that transfection and overexpression of connexin (cx) 32 or cx43 genes into neoplastic cells lead to normalization of growth and decrease their tumorigenicity. The molecular mechanism(s)(More)
The transcription of rice plastid psbD-psbC genes encoding photosystem II reaction center protein D2 and chlorophyll alpha-binding protein CP43 is closely regulated by light. To elucidate the sequence requirement for the light-responsive promoter of psbD-psbC operon, transcriptional analysis of the rice promoter was performed with deleted mutants and(More)
BACKGROUND The use of RNAi in both basic and translational research often requires expression of multiple siRNAs from the same vector. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We have developed a novel chicken miR126-based artificial miRNA expression system that can express one, two or three miRNAs from a single cassette in a lentiviral vector. We show that each of the(More)
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