Steve C. Southward

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This study investigated the effects of aging and localized muscle fatigue on the neural control of upright stance during small postural perturbations. Sixteen young (aged 18-24 years) and 16 older (aged 55-74 years) participants were exposed to small magnitude, anteriorly-directed postural perturbations before and after fatiguing exercises (lumbar extensors(More)
The content and distribution of transferrin receptors (Tf-R) in suspended adult rat hepatocytes were studied using 125I-protein A in combination with either a monoclonal (MRC OX-26) or a polyclonal antibody to Tf-R. Internal receptors were made accessible by permeabilization with digitonin. The number of Tf-R detected depended on the batch of collagenase(More)
An orthogonal eigenstructure control method with collocated actuators and sensors was recently developed by the authors. In this paper the application of the method is extended beyond the collocation of the actuators and sensors, including the cases that different numbers of actuators and sensors are used. Orthogonal eigenstructure control is an output(More)
A novel Eigenstructure Assignment (ESA) method for vibration confinement of flexible structures has been developed. This method is an output feedback control and determines the closed-loop systems that their eigenvectors are orthogonalized to the open-loop eigenvectors. This method is a numerical method and used Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to find(More)
Orthogonal eigenstructure control is a novel control method that can be used for vibration suppression in flexible structures. The method described in this study does not need defining the desired locations of the closed-loop poles or predetermining the closed-loop eigenvectors. The method, which is applicable to linear multi-input multi-output systems,(More)
Orthogonal eigenstructure control is a novel active control method for vibration suppression in multi-input multi-output linear systems. This method is based on finding an output feedback control gain matrix in such a way that the closed-loop eigenvectors are almost orthogonal to the open-loop ones. Singular value decomposition is used to find the matrix,(More)
This paper provides a state-of-the-art review of eigenstructure assignment methods for vibration cancellation. Eigenstructure assignment techniques have been widely used during the past three decades for vibration suppression in structures, especially in large space structures. These methods work similar to mode localization in which global vibrations are(More)
Autonomous vehicles offer means to complete unsafe military operations without endangering the lives of soldiers. Such solutions have fueled many efforts towards designing autonomous, or unmanned, systems. Military and academic research efforts alike continue to focus on developing these systems. While many different autonomous vehicles have been(More)
The increased prevalence of semi-active control systems is largely due to the emergence of cost effective commercially available controllable damper technology such as Magneto-Rheological (MR) devices. Unfortunately, MR dampers exhibit highly nonlinear behavior, thus presenting an often overlooked complexity to the control system designer. With regards to(More)