Steve Bryant

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Accurate prediction of reservoir production in structurally weak geologic areas requires both mechanical deformation and fluid flow modeling. Loose staggered-in-time coupling of two independent flow and mechanics simulators captures much of the complex physics at a substantially reduced cost. Two 3-D finite element simulators—Integrated Parallel Accurate(More)
To accurately predict production in compactible reservoirs , we must use coupled models of fluid flow and mechanical deformation. Staggered-in-time loose coupling of flow and deformation via a high-level numerical interface that repeatedly calls first flow and then mechanics allows us to leverage the decades of work put into individual flow and mechanics(More)
The resources provided by NCBI for studying the three-dimensional (3D) structures of proteins center around two databases: the Molecular Modeling Database (MMDB), which provides structural information about individual proteins; and the Conserved Domain Database (CDD), which provides a directory of sequence and structure alignments representing conserved(More)
The oreChem project, funded by Microsoft, is a collaboration 1 between chemistry scholars and information scientists to develop and deploy the infrastructure, services, and applications to enable new models for research and dissemination of scholarly materials in the chemistry community. Although the focus of the project is chemistry, the work is being(More)
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