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BACKGROUND This paper presents a structured review of the published information on the mortality of schizophrenia. METHOD A meta-analysis of the literature. RESULTS Schizophrenia has a significantly increased mortality from natural and unnatural causes. Twenty-eight percent of the excess mortality is attributable to suicide and 12% to accidents. The(More)
BACKGROUND People with schizophrenia have significantly raised mortality but we do not know how these mortality patterns in the UK have changed since the 1990s. AIMS To measure the 25-year mortality of people with schizophrenia with particular focus on changes over time. METHOD Prospective record linkage study of the mortality of a community cohort of(More)
By 1958, a model of human behavior capable of serving as the microlevel foundation for organizational and policy studies was in place. The scientific soundness of that model is un-questioned, yet the fundamentals of that behavioral model of choice have not yet been incorporated into political science. Much analysis relies on models of rational maximization(More)
BACKGROUND The excess mortality of schizophrenia is well recognised, but its precise causes are not well understood. AIMS To measure the standardised mortality ratio (SMR) and examine the reasons for any excess mortality in a community cohort with schizophrenia. METHOD We carried out a 13-year follow-up of 370 patients with schizophrenia, identifying(More)
iii For my wife, Cathy Without her love, patience, and support, this dissertation would never have existed. Acknowledgments The rst person to thank, of course, is my advisor, Jim Cohoon. His guidance, advice, and support have been invaluable throughout my doctoral studies. I also thank Jee Salowe, with whom I had many discussions on much of the material(More)
The merit of international convergence of bank capital requirements in the presence of divergent closure policies of di¡erent central banks is examined. The lack of a complementary variation between minimum bank capital requirements and regulatory forbearance leads to a spillover from more forbearing to less forbearing economies and reduces the competitive(More)
Lead toxicity is known to be subject to individual susceptibility. This study compares two lead-exposed subjects, one (A; blood Pb 1800 micrograms/L) who remained totally asymptomatic, the other (B; blood Pb 1610 micrograms/L) who showed symptoms of toxicity. We have assessed the speciation of lead in the intra-erythrocyte proteins in these patients and(More)
3 Interagency working: rationale and definitions 13 4 Interagency working as co-configuration 17 5 Object-orientated analyses of interagency working 26 6 Bureaucratic analyses of interagency working 37 7 Knots, teams and networks 39 8 Boundary-crossing 44 9 Conclusion 48 References 49 Acknowledgments The Learning in and for Interagency Working project is(More)
BACKGROUND Schizophrenia has a high natural mortality of a largely environmental aetiology. There is, however, little research about possible risk factors. This study measured the diet, cigarette and alcohol use, exercise and obesity of a cohort of people with schizophrenia and compared results to general population rates. METHODS Semi-structured(More)