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PURPOSE The study aimed to establish the test-retest reliability and convergent validity of PlayerLoad™ (triaxial-accelerometer data) during a standardized bout of treadmill running. METHODS Forty-four team-sport players performed 2 standardized incremental treadmill running tests (7-16 km/h) 7 d apart. Players' oxygen uptake (VO2; n = 20), heart rate (n(More)
Three billion people are exposed to household air pollution from biomass fuel use. Exposure is associated with higher incidence of pneumonia, and possibly tuberculosis. Understanding mechanisms underlying these defects would improve preventive strategies. We used human alveolar macrophages obtained from healthy Malawian adults exposed naturally to household(More)
Previous studies examining methods of monitoring the training and match load in soccer players have simply compared those methods to each other, not to changes in fitness. Training and match load measures from nine professional youth soccer players were collected for a period of six weeks. A lactate threshold test was conducted before and after this period.(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to assess the relationships of fitness in soccer players with a novel integration of internal and external training load (TL). DESIGN Ten amateur soccer players performed a lactate threshold (LT) test followed by a soccer simulation (Ball-Sport Endurance and Sprint Test [BEAST90mod]). METHODS The results from the LT test were(More)
PURPOSE To assess the acute alterations in triaxial accelerometry (PlayerLoad [PL(VM)]) and its individual axial planes (anteroposterior PlayerLoad [PL(AP)], mediolateral PlayerLoad [PL(ML)], and vertical PlayerLoad [PL(V)]) during a standardized 90-min soccer match-play simulation (SAFT90). Secondary aims of the study were to assess the test-retest(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the risk factors for developing uveitis in a regional cohort of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) as classified under ILAR criteria. PATIENTS AND METHODS The clinical factors for developing uveitis and its visual outcome were studied retrospectively for all children diagnosed with JIA at Nottingham University(More)
OBJECTIVES The principle aim of the current study was to examine within-match patterns of locomotor efficiency in professional soccer, determined as the ratio between tri-axial accelerometer data (PlayerLoad™) and locomotor activities. Between match variability and determinants of PlayerLoad™ during match play were also assessed. DESIGN A single cohort,(More)
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PURPOSE The principle aim of the study was to assess the validity of measuring locomotor activities and PlayerLoad using Real-Time (RT) data collection during soccer training. METHODS Twenty-nine (n=29) English soccer players participated. Each player wore the same MEMS device (S5, Optimeye, CatapultSports, Melbourne, Australia) during twenty-one training(More)
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