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1Grace Jian P Hao
1Grace Jianping Hao
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This investigation used a derivation of acoustic reflection (AR) technology to make cross-sectional measurements of changes due to aging in the oral and pharyngeal lumina of male and female speakers. The purpose of the study was to establish preliminary normative data for such changes and to obtain acoustic measurements of changes due to aging in the(More)
Research examining physiologic and acoustic characteristics of culturally diverse populations is sorely needed, but rarely reported. The major aim of this study was to quantify vocal tract dimensional parameters (oral length, oral volume, pharyngeal length, pharyngeal volume, total vocal tract length and total vocal tract volume) of adult male speakers from(More)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Constitution (TCMC) refers to an integrated, metastable and natural specialty of individual in morphosis, physiological functions and psychological conditions. It is formed on the basis of innate and acquired endowments in the human life process, which can be divided into normal constitution and unbalanced ones. The aim of this(More)
PURPOSE To compare the vocal tract configuration between male speakers with Class III malocclusion and their normally developing counterparts and to investigate the concomitant acoustic changes caused by the alterations in vocal tract configuration. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eight young male patients with Class III malocclusion and 8 normally developing(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of different bandwidths on acoustic measures when using low-cost internet technology of teletherapy in the field of speech and language rehabilitation. Normal speech and voice samples were collected at a clinic and a remote place by connecting the computers to Skype and VoiceEmotion software, while the(More)
the psychological construct 'sustained attention' describes a basic component of attention characterized by the subject's readiness to detect rarely and unpredictably occurring signals over prolonged periods of time. In this study, six healthy volunteers underwent a sustained attention to response task (SART), while their electroencephalographic (EEG) were(More)
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