Stevan Novakov

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Rapid increase in number of computer attacks prompts a need to detect network anomalies quickly and effectively. This area has been widely studied and solutions typically use data not freely available. A labeled available network traffic flow dataset, Kyoto2006+, has been recently created. Most existing works using Kyoto2006+ for network anomaly detection,(More)
The aim of this investigation was to find out the possibilities and the necessity of health educational and health promotion programmes in the working population. The study was performed during 1991 in Vojvodina. The representative sample was selected among the industrial, administrative and agricultural workers. The results showed high participation of(More)
Research into network anomaly detection has become crucial as a result of a significant increase in the number of computer attacks. Many approaches in network anomaly detection have been reported in the literature, but data or solutions typically are not freely available. Recently, a labeled network traffic flow dataset, Kyoto2006+, has been created and is(More)
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