Stevan G Severtson

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BACKGROUND Prescription drug abuse is a critical problem in the USA and has been linked to more deaths than automobile accidents. Despite this growing epidemic, the USA lacks a timely early warning system. Poison centers (PCs) have the potential to act as sentinel reporting entities for prescription drug abuse and misuse due to near-real-time data reporting(More)
PURPOSE Prescription opioid abuse and misuse are a serious problem in the U.S. today. Several studies have shown that the epidemic disproportionately affects rural areas. This paper uses three different rates to gain a more complete picture of opioid abuse in rural areas. METHODS This study examines prescription opioid intentional exposures using opioid(More)
This study examined the association among knowledge of someone who has died from AIDS, cognitive functioning, and performance of protective health behaviors to reduce the risk of contracting HIV. Baseline data were analyzed from a sample of 229 injection drug users (IDUs) of heroin, a subset of the respondents from the Baltimore site of the International(More)
BACKGROUND Dramatic increases in the prescriptive use of opioid analgesics during the past two decades have been paralleled by alarming increases in rates of the abuse and intentional misuse of these drugs. We examined recent trends in the abuse and misuse and associated fatal outcomes among older adults (60+ years) and compared these to trends among(More)
While drug use during pregnancy represents substantial obstetrical risks to mother and baby, little research has examined motivation for drug treatment among pregnant women. We analyzed data collected between 2000 and 2007 from 149 drug-using women located in Baltimore, Maryland. We hypothesized that pregnant drug-using women would be more likely than(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic use and abuse of prescription opioids in the United States increased substantially between 1990 and 2010. The Centers for Disease Control estimated deaths related to pharmaceutical opioids reached nearly 19,000 in 2014. Of prescription opioids sold, 10% are extended release (ER) and 90% immediate release (IR). However, most(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide attempts by self-poisoning utilizing prescription opioids account for more than half of prescription drug abuse and misuse emergency calls received by poison centers. Additionally seasonal suicidal behavior using other means is a commonly replicated finding. We hypothesized seasonal behavior would exist in individuals using opioid(More)
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