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Abstract The distribution of effect sizes of genes underlying adaptation is unknown (Orr 2005). Are suites of traits that diverged under natural selection controlled by a few pleiotropic genes ofExpand
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Microsatellite Tandem Repeats Are Abundant in Human Promoters and Are Associated with Regulatory Elements
Tandem repeats are genomic elements that are prone to changes in repeat number and are thus often polymorphic. These sequences are found at a high density at the start of human genes, in the gene’sExpand
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Extinction in a branching process: why some of the fittest strategies cannot guarantee survival
Biological fitness is typically measured by the expected rate of reproduction, but strategies with high fitness can also have high probabilities of extinction. Likewise, gambling strategies with aExpand
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Measuring Microsatellite Conservation in Mammalian Evolution with a Phylogenetic Birth–Death Model
Microsatellites make up ∼3% of the human genome, and there is increasing evidence that some microsatellites can have important functions and can be conserved by selection. To investigate thisExpand
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Promoter microsatellites as modulators of human gene expression.
Microsatellites in and around genes have been shown to modulate levels of gene expression in multiple organisms, ranging from bacteria to humans. Here we will discuss promoter microsatellites knownExpand
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Linkage disequilibrium between single nucleotide polymorphisms and hypermutable loci
Some diseases are caused by genetic loci with a high rate of change, and heritability in complex traits is likely to be partially caused by variation at these loci. These hypermutable elements, suchExpand
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Exploring possible DNA structures in real-time polymerase kinetics using Pacific Biosciences sequencer data
A method to examine how polymerase pausing in the Pacific Biosciences sequencer reads can be related to DNA sequences. Expand
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Exploring DNA structures in real-time polymerase kinetics using Pacific Biosciences sequencer data
Pausing of DNA polymerase can indicate the presence of a DNA structure that differs from the canonical double-helix. Here we detail a method to investigate how polymerase pausing in the PacificExpand