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The growing complexity of customizable single-chip multiprocessors is requiring communication resources that can only be provided by a highly-scalable communication infrastructure. This trend is exemplified by the growing number of network-on-chip (NoC) architectures that have been proposed recently for system-on-chip (SoC) integration. Developing NoC-based(More)
The limited scalability of current bus topologies for Systems on Chips (SoCs) dictates the adoption of Networks on Chips (NoCs) as a scalable interconnection scheme. Current SoCs are highly heterogeneous in nature, denoting homogeneous , preconfigured NoCs as inefficient drop-in alternatives. While highly parametric, fully synthesizeable (soft) NoC building(More)
SUMMARY In this paper two algorithms for the synthesis and minimization of a CA (cellular array architecture) are proposed. Starting from a completely specified single-output switching function, our methods produce rectangularly shaped arrays of cells, interconnected in chains, with an effort to minimize the number of the produced chains (cascades). This(More)
Received Revised Accepted An algorithm is proposed in this paper that finds exact exclusive-or sum-of-products of an arbitrary function, provided the number of product terms is less than eight. If the number of product terms in the minimal expression is more than seven, then the algorithm detects it and heuristically returns near-optimal expressions. The(More)
This work presents theoretical results and an efficient heuristic algorithm for minimizing single -output exclusive -or sum-of-products expressions, based on an iterative product term transformation paradigm. Experimental results verify the efficiency of the algorithm in terms of execution times and product term count of the produced expression, when(More)
With technology scaling, the wire delay as a fraction of the total delay is increasing, and the communication architecture is becoming a major bottleneck for system performance in systems on chip (SoCs). A communication-centric design paradigm, networks on chip (NoCs), has been proposed recently to address the communication issues of SoCs. As the geometries(More)
The classic Set Cover problem requires selecting a minimum size subset <i>A</i> &#8838; <i>F</i> from a family of finite subsets <i>F</i> Of <i>U</i> such that the elements covered by <i>A</i> are the ones covered by <i>F</i>. It naturally occurs in many settings in web search, web mining and web advertising. The greedy algorithm that iteratively selects a(More)
We present new algorithms for concurrent reading and updating of B *-trees and binary search trees. Our algorithms are based on the well-known link technique, and improve previously proposed solutions in several respects. We prove formally that our algorithms are correct. We show that they satisfy a view serializability criterion, which fails for previous(More)
In this work we advocate the adoption of Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) for storing and manipulating Time-Series datasets. We first propose a generic BDD transformation which identifies and removes 50% of all BDD edges without any loss of information. Following, we optimize the core operation for adding samples to a dataset and characterize its complexity.(More)