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— A model predictive, dynamic control allocation algorithm is developed in this paper for the inner loop of a re-entry vehicle guidance and control system. The purpose of the control allocation portion of the guidance and control architecture is to distribute control power among redundant control effectors to meet the desired control objectives under a set(More)
— In this paper, a novel nonlinear programming based control allocation scheme is developed. The performance of this nonlinear control allocation algorithm is compared with that of other control allocation approaches, including a mixed optimization scheme, a redistributed pseudo-inverse approach, and a direct allocation (geometric) method. The control(More)
— The issue of designing an analytical optimal solution to the problem of energy management for charge-sustaining hybrid electric vehicles is addressed. In particular, it is shown that, by suitably casting the energy management problem into a nonlinear optimal regulation problem and using an appropriate control Lyapunov function candidate, it can be proved(More)