Stephen Younger

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Discrete agent simulation was used to investigate the role of violence and revenge in model egalitarian societies. A population of 100 agents inhabited a landscape of 20x20 squares containing five sources of food. Agents moved about the landscape in search of food, shared, stole, mated, produced offspring, and ultimately died of old age. Violence and(More)
Benefit incidence analysis has become a popular tool over the past decade, especially for researchers at the World Bank. Despite or perhaps because of the popularity of this method, recent research has pointed out many of its limitations. One of the most common criticisms of benefit incidence analysis is that its description of average participation rates(More)
The distributional impact of the public sector's budget is a topic of enduring interest for economists and policymakers. The more recent literature on developing countries has focused almost exclusively on the expenditure side of the budget, as discussed in Chapter 2 But the few available studies on tax incidence in developing countries show that some tax(More)