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Actomyosin Is the Main Driver of Interkinetic Nuclear Migration in the Retina
Summary Progenitor cell nuclei in the rapidly expanding epithelium of the embryonic vertebrate central nervous system undergo a process called interkinetic nuclear migration (IKNM). Movements of IKNMExpand
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Post-acquisition Management:: A Phases Approach for Cross-border M&As
Achieving successful integration of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) continues to pose serious challenges for cross-border acquirers. In this article we suggest that to improve success, theExpand
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Regional Determinants of Inward FDI Distribution in Poland
In this paper we examine the location determinants of the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Poland, at a regional level. Using survey data from an on-line questionnaire in February 2005Expand
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Membrane trafficking of heterotrimeric G proteins via the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi.
Membrane targeting of G-protein alphabetagamma heterotrimers was investigated in live cells by use of Galpha and Ggamma subunits tagged with spectral mutants of green fluorescent protein. Unlike RasExpand
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Waiting for change: youth, caste and politics in India
Abstract This paper examines waiting, caste and politics through reference to the cultural and political practices of educated unemployed young men in India. We show through ethnographic fieldwork inExpand
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Temperature Change in New England: 1895-2012
Over the past century, the globe’s temperature has been increasing at a higher rate than in the past. Over the last century increasing temperature is due to higher levels of human-generatedExpand
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Jugād: Youth and Enterprise in India
This article examines the social and political significance of the Indian term jugād, which, crudely, means “make do and mend” or “find a way around”—for example, fixing a car fan belt with a pair ofExpand
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Visual factors in Daphnia feeding
The beating rate of Daphnia filter limbs is responsive to changes in light field distribution, but not to overall light intensity changes. To account for this we suggest that Daphnia uses a method ofExpand
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The word on the street: Rumor, “race” and the anticipation of urban unrest
Abstract This paper analyzes the emergence of Rumor Control Centers (RCCs) across the US during the late-1960s. The Centers, which were operated by municipal government agencies, were formed inExpand
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Behavioral mechanisms controlling vertical migration in Daphnia
We used infrared video monitoring to study cladoceran vertical migration in laboratory tanks exposed to natural and simulated daylight cycles. There are changes in the behavior patterns at differentExpand
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