Stephen Xia

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Research in the past 2 decades has made great strides in understanding cross-cultural differences in the correlates and causes of subjective well-being. On the basis of past findings on the cross-cultural differences in temporal perspectives of the self, the present research examined a cross-cultural difference in individuals' subjective well-being as a(More)
Some clusters of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus (SFTSV) infection were reported in China as of 2010. However, to date, there has been no epidemiologic evidence of aerosol transmission of SFTSV. Epidemiologic investigations were conducted after a cluster of 13 cases of SFTSV in May 2014. A total of 13 cases, including 11 confirmed cases(More)
The California Mastitis Test has previously been adapted for use in an inline, cow-side sensor and relies on the fact that the viscosity of the gel formed during the test is proportional to the somatic cell concentration. In this paper, the use of capillary and rotational viscometry was compared in light of the expected rheology of the gel formed during the(More)
A case of severe hemophilia A was treated by living mother-to-son splenic transplantation. The recipient was a 9-year-old boy. After splenic transplantation, the level of blood factor VIII:C was increased, and no spontaneous hemorrhage occurred. The boy was followed up for over two years. This is a case of spleen allotransplantation with the longest(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the pathological changes of the remained hepatic lobe after major hepatic vein (MHV) occlusion. METHOD Seventy-eight rats were randomly divided into the control group, the ligation group of segmental hepatic vein, the stricture group of left MHV, and the ligation group of left MHV. The pathology, hepatic microcirculation and(More)
With the prevalence of smartphones, pedestrians and joggers today often walk or run while listening to music. Since they are deprived of their auditory senses that would have provided important cues to dangers, they are at a much greater risk of being hit by cars or other vehicles. In this demonstration we present SEUS, a wearable system aimed at Sense(More)
OBJECTIVE To make clear the incidence, clinical characteristics and possible regional difference of gallbladder cancer in China. METHODS A total of 430 cases of gallbladder cancer from 28 hospitals between 1986-1996 were reviewed, according to a standard protocol called "the clinical epidemiological list of gallbladder cancer". RESULTS The incidence of(More)