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Three murine monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against the 61-residue amino-terminal cytoplasmic tail of the human transferrin receptor (TR) have been produced by immunization of mice with recombinant human TR produced in a baculovirus expression system. Mutant human TRs expressed in chick embryo fibroblasts (CEFs) with point mutations or deletions in their(More)
Chimeric human/chicken transferrin receptors have been constructed using the polymerase chain reaction. Different regions of the 671-residue external domain of the human transferrin receptor were replaced by the corresponding sequences from the chicken transferrin receptor. As chicken transferrin receptors do not bind human transferrin, functional analysis(More)
Thirty-two murine monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) against the external domain of the human transferrin (Tf) receptor have been obtained using human Tf receptor glycoprotein produced in a baculovirus expression system as immunogen. The MAbs were tested separately, and in combination, for their ability to inhibit growth of CCRF-CEM leukemic T-cells in tissue(More)
Histological images from the longitudinal section of four diseased coronary arteries were used, for the first time, to study the pulsatile blood flow distribution within the lumen of the arteries by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Results indicate a strong dependence of the hemodynamics on the morphology of atherosclerotic lesion. Distinctive(More)
The D0 experiment's data and job management system software, SAM, is an operational prototype of many of the concepts being developed for Grid computing. We explain how the components of SAM map into the Data Grid architecture. We discuss the future use of Grid components to either replace existing components of SAM or to extend its functionality and(More)
The DØ experiment at Fermilab relies on a central Oracle database for storing all detector calibration information. Access to this data is needed by hundreds of physics applications distributed worldwide. In order to meet the demands of these applications from scarce resources, we have created a distributed system that isolates the user applications from(More)
One of the key components of any grid architecture is managing compute and storage resources and optimizing their utilization. SAM has implemented features that allow it to exercise a "fair share" and "prioritized" policy among many groups of users. The goals are as follows: 1) implement the experiments policies for resource usage by research group and by(More)
The sorting of membrane proteins to the lysosome requires tyrosine- or dileucine-based targeting signals. Recycling receptors have similar signals, yet these proteins seldom enter the latter stages of the endocytic pathway. To determine how lysosomal and internalization signals differ, we prepared chimeric molecules consisting of the cytoplasmic tails of(More)
The open pit at the Lihir Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea is planned to ultimately reach more than 200 metres below sea level. Cooling and depressurisation of the geothermal resource associated with the gold mineralisation is an essential part of the mining operation. Eight deep, deviated geothermal wells were completed during 1999 to investigate geothermal(More)