Stephen Westland

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We investigate methods for the recovery of reflectance spectra from the responses of trichromatic camera systems and the application of these methods to the problem of camera characterization. The recovery of reflectance from colorimetric data is an ill-posed problem, and a unique solution requires additional constraints. We introduce a novel method for(More)
Perceptual transparency was measured in two experiments by using simulations of illuminated surfaces presented on a CRT monitor. In a two-alternative forced-choice paradigm, observers viewed two simulated Mondrians in temporal sequence. In one sequence the Mondrian was simulated to be partially covered by a transparent filter; in the other sequence the(More)
A number of different methods exist for the color characterization of imaging devices such as digital camera systems. In this study, the use of high-order polynomials and artificial neural networks for color camera characterization are compared and contrasted. A quantitative evaluation of their performance is determined for a typical commercial camera(More)
Measurements of contrast sensitivity are well established 1-8 for modulations in luminance, red-green and yellow-blue color directions in color space. Relatively less work has been carried out, however, to measure contrast sensitivity in other color directions or to assess the effect of the average color of the stimulus has been largely ignored. In this(More)
This study is a preliminary investigation towards the design of effective colour spaces and colour tools to allow users to quickly and accurately select a given colour in a digital-display environment. It has been shown that many non-expert users find the RGB colour space to be non-intuitive. The choice of colour space on various visual tasks has also been(More)