Stephen Webb

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An analysis of Twitter use in 116 conferences suggests that the service is used more extensively at PACS10 conferences (those devoted to the physics of elementary particles and fields) and PACS90 conferences (those devoted to geophysics, astronomy, and astrophysics) than at conferences in other fields of physics. Furthermore, Twitter is used in a(More)
Recent developments in the commercial open source community have catalysed the use of Linux containers for scalable deployment of web-based applications to the cloud. Scientific software can be containerized with dependencies, configuration files, post-processing tools and even simulation results, referred to as containerized computing. This new approach(More)
Electronic publishing, and in particular Web-based publishing, has assumed an increasing importance in higher education. The possibility of delivering learning material to students over an extranet, thus bypassing the need for investment in usual university infrastructure, is clearly an attractive option for many institutions. Teaching staff, even those who(More)
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