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The homeostatic maintenance of the "modification threshold" for inducing long-term potentiation (LTP) is a fundamental feature of the Bienenstock, Cooper, and Munro (BCM) model of synaptic plasticity. In the present study, two key features of the modification threshold, its heterosynaptic expression and its regulation by postsynaptic neural activity, were(More)
  • Christopher Jaynes, Stephen Webb, R Matt Steele, Quanren Xiong
  • 2002
We introduce the publicly available Open Development for Video Surveillance (ODViS) system that is specifically designed to support ongoing research in tracking and video surveillance. The system provides researchers with the ability to prototype tracking and event recognition techniques, to construct and manage ground truth data sets, and to evaluate the(More)
BACKGROUND Balancing animal conservation and human use of the landscape is an ongoing scientific and practical challenge throughout the world. We investigated reproductive success in female greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) relative to seasonal patterns of resource selection, with the larger goal of developing a spatially-explicit framework(More)
Stephen Webb teaches social work at the University of Bradford. He is currently writing a book called Social Work in Risk Society: Social and Cultural Perspectives, for Palgrave Macmillan. In this book he analyses the development and practice of social work as part of the root condition of modern risk society. His other research interests include(More)
Axons are the cable-like neuronal processes wiring the nervous system. They contain parallel bundles of microtubules as structural backbones, surrounded by regularly-spaced actin rings termed the periodic membrane skeleton (PMS). Despite being an evolutionarily-conserved, ubiquitous, highly-ordered feature of axons, the function of PMS is unknown. Here we(More)
  • Nathan Kirchner, Alen Alempijevic, Sonja Caraian, Robert Fitch, Daniel Hordern, Gibson Hu +4 others
  • 2010
This paper presents RobotAssist, a robotic platform designed for use in human robot interaction research and for entry into Robocup@Home competition. The core autonomy of the system is implemented as a component based software framework that allows for integration of operating system independent components, is designed to be expandable and integrates(More)
Front-projection display systems suffer from a fundamental problem: the user can easily and inadvertently block the projector, creating shadows. The framework we present in this paper enables a front-projected display system to solve this problem and remove display surface shadows in real-time. Shadows are an example of radiometric inconsistencies, which(More)
BACKGROUND Conserving animal populations in places where human activity is increasing is an ongoing challenge in many parts of the world. We investigated how human activity interacted with maternal status and individual variation in behavior to affect reliability of spatially-explicit models intended to guide conservation of critical ungulate calving(More)
  • David Richards, Gavin Paul, Stephen Webb, Nathan Kirchner
  • 2010
This paper presents an alternative to inverse kinematics for mobile manipulator grasp pose selection which integrates obstacle avoidance and joint limit checking into the pose selection process. Given the Cartesian coordinates of an object in 3D space and its normal vector , end-effector pose objectives including collision checking and joint limit checks(More)