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• Summary: This article on evidence-based practice and decision analysis develops an implementation model for social work. Thus far no detailed attempt has been made to formulate a systematic implementation framework for evidence-based practice in social work. • Findings: The social and cultural, the professional and practice-based, and the educational and(More)
This paper presents RobotAssist, a robotic platform designed for use in human robot interaction research and for entry into Robocup@Home competition. The core autonomy of the system is implemented as a component based software framework that allows for integration of operating system independent components, is designed to be expandable and integrates(More)
This paper presents an alternative to inverse kinematics for mobile manipulator grasp pose selection which integrates obstacle avoidance and joint limit checking into the pose selection process. Given the Cartesian coordinates of an object in 3D space and its normal vector , end-effector pose objectives including collision checking and joint limit checks(More)
This paper presents the field testing results of an autonomous manipulator-based robotic system that strips the paint and rust from steel bridges [Liu et al., 2008]. The key components of this system are sensing and planning, which have been presented in other research papers. The grit-blasting field trial presented in this paper spanned 6 weeks, and(More)
This paper presents a feedforward control strategy for a robotic manipulator based on a belief function. The belief about a target's next location, as described by a probability density function, is maintained by a recursive Bayesian process that fuses observations with a target motion model. A sensor model that incorporates positive and negative sensor(More)
An analysis of Twitter use in 116 conferences suggests that the service is used more extensively at PACS10 conferences (those devoted to the physics of elementary particles and fields) and PACS90 conferences (those devoted to geophysics, astronomy, and astrophysics) than at conferences in other fields of physics. Furthermore, Twitter is used in a(More)
Recent developments in the commercial open source community have catalysed the use of Linux containers for scalable deployment of web-based applications to the cloud. Scientific software can be containerized with dependencies, configuration files, post-processing tools and even simulation results, referred to as containerized computing. This new approach(More)
Social welfare can be considered to be the well-being of the community as a whole. It is underpinned by those networks of relationships among persons, firms, and institutions in a society, together with associated norms of behaviour, trust, cooperation, etc., that enable a society to function effectively. The SAGE Library of Social Welfare focuses on the(More)