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This paper provides an overview regarding the application of an ontology-driven requirements engineering methodology, namely OntoREM, in the aerospace industry with the objective to assess the extent to which this approach has the potential to develop better quality requirements in less time and at less cost compared to traditional requirements engineering(More)
This article reexamines the practices of small-footprint military interventions in light of the concept of “tipping points” as conceived by Thomas C. Schelling. If the concept is accurate, it can improve how we conduct such interventions. P accounts of civil wars and insurgencies are filled with references to “windows of opportunity” and “tipping points”—(More)
I am delighted that a Special Issue has been commissioned by the UK Institution of Engineering and Technology to report work on graphene for publication in its Research Journal: Circuits, Devices and Systems in 2015. The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded in 2010 to my colleagues Sir Andre Geim and Sir Konstantin Novoselov for their groundbreaking(More)