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During saccadic motion the eyewall moves in a manner similar to a sinusoid or at least can be represented by a sine Fourier series. Motion of the vitreous is induced by the saccade and the vitreo-retinal interface is subjected to a time-dependent shear. This force may be a significant factor for retinal tearing in the neighbourhood of small retinal holes or(More)
Infertility affects one in six couples at some time in their lives, with 48% of these couples requiring assisted conception techniques in order to achieve a pregnancy. Whilst the overall clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer is 23%, this varies widely between clinics. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has attempted to analyse the(More)
A mathematical model of reactive hyperaemia is developed using quasi-steady flow in a single tube to represent blood flow in the vascular bed. The role of the myogenic response during reactive hyperaemia is examined by suggesting a linear relationship between tube cross-sectional area S and pressure p, in which S decreases as p increases, thereby modelling(More)
Four commercial whole-body impedance measuring systems (Holtain, RJL, Bodystat and EZcomp) were compared on two separate occasions for a group of normal subjects. The first set of readings in 21 subjects demonstrated a significant difference of approximately 6% between the Holtain measurement and the higher readings from the Bodystat or RJL systems. The(More)
During the initial phase of lysis of an occlusive thrombus using lytic agents such as tissue plasminogen activator, blood flow through the centre of the clot is established (the process of recanalization). Following canalization, the clot remains on the vessel wall and further lysis is required. This paper develops a multi-species mathematical model to(More)
Terahertz (THz) radiation occupies that region of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum between approximately 0.3 and 20 THz. Recent advances in methods of producing THz radiation have stimulated interest in studying the interaction between radiation and biological molecules and tissue. Given that the photon energies associated with this region of the spectrum(More)
This paper attempts to describe lysis of a clot by infusion of lytic agent using a simple geometrical approach, in which the rate of clot lysis is assumed proportional to the exposed surface of the clot and the concentration of lytic agent. Six simple realizations (a)-(f) of this basic model are developed which account for the dependence of clot lysis time(More)
AIM To investigate the relationship between serum albumin and extracellular fluid volume, as measured by multifrequency bioelectrical impedance, in stable patients treated by CAPD. METHOD Fifty-nine stable CAPD patients were assessed. Serum albumin (bromocresol green) and CRP, age, dialysate to plasma (D/P) creatinine ratio, normalized protein catabolic(More)
Terahertz (THz) frequency radiation, 0.1 THz to 20 THz, is being investigated for biomedical imaging applications following the introduction of pulsed THz sources that produce picosecond pulses and function at room temperature. Owing to the broadband nature of the radiation, spectral and temporal information is available from radiation that has interacted(More)
This paper describes a method of effectively electroporating mammalian cell membranes with pulsed alternating-current (ac) electric fields at field strengths of 30-160 kV m(-1). Although many in vivo electroporation protocols entail applying square wave or monotonically decreasing pulses via needles or electrode plates, relatively few have explored the use(More)