Stephen W. Looney

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of a social support intervention delivered to pregnant adolescent girls between 32 and 36 weeks of gestation in preventing symptoms of depression at 6 weeks postpartum. DESIGN The study used a repeated measures design. SETTING Data were collected at a teenage parenting program, an(More)
We evaluated associations of parenting stress, including depressive symptoms, with 51 first-time mothers' light and moderate physical activity and body mass index during the first year postpartum. The Parenting Stress Index and 24-hour physical activity recalls were completed during the first year postpartum (mean time elapsed since birth: 6 months). Direct(More)
BACKGROUND Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is a disorder of recurrent venous or arterial thrombosis, pregnancy losses, and thrombocytopenia. Recurrent thrombosis has particularly adverse effects on patients prognosis. The factors that influence recurrence and management techniques that prevent these events remain controversial. To add further insight(More)
Background: The dose response relationship of warfarin is unpredictable. Polymorphism of the Cytochrome P4502C9 enzyme leads to warfarin hypersensitivity presumably due to decreased metabolism of the S-enantiomer. The purpose of this study was to further characterize the relationship between CYP2C9 genotype and phenotype and to develop a basis for(More)
BACKGROUND The subject of lichen planus (LP) and dental metal allergy long has been debated. An overwhelming majority of the existing literature focuses on mercury and gold salts in relation to oral lichen planus. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to expand current knowledge regarding LP and lichenoid lesions (LL) and dental metal allergy by investigating more(More)
INTRODUCTION This study investigated the setting time and micohardness of a premixed calcium phosphate silicate-based sealer (EndoSequence BC Sealer; Brasseler USA, Savannah, GA) in the presence of different moisture contents (0-9 wt%). The moisture content that produced the most optimal setting properties was used to prepare set EndoSequence BC Sealer for(More)
BACKGROUND The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) recommends integrating improvement activities into residency training. A curricular change was designed at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Louisville, to address selected ACGME competencies by incorporating practice-based improvement activities into(More)
Immobilization of phosphoproteins on a collagen matrix is important for the induction of intrafibrillar apatite mineralization. Unlike phosphate esters, polyphosphonic acid has no reactive sites for covalent binding to collagen amine groups. Binding of poly(vinyl phosphonic acid) (PVPA), a biomimetic templating analog of matrix phosphoproteins, to collagen(More)
BACKGROUND Semaphorin 3A is a secreted protein that regulates cell motility and attachment in axon guidance, vascular growth, immune cell regulation and tumor progression. However, nothing is known about its role in kidney pathophysiology. Here, we determined whether semaphorin3A is induced after acute kidney injury (AKI) and whether urinary semaphorin 3A(More)