Stephen W. Kirchoefer

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Systems with a ferroelectric to paraelectric transition in the vicinity of room temperature are useful for devices. Adjusting the ferroelectric transition temperature (T(c)) is traditionally accomplished by chemical substitution-as in Ba(x)Sr(1-x)TiO(3), the material widely investigated for microwave devices in which the dielectric constant (epsilon(r)) at(More)
We show here, using fundamental energy storage relationships for capacitors, that there are severe constraints upon what can be realized utilizing ferroelectric materials as FET dielectrics. A basic equation governing all small signal behavior is derived, a negative capacitance quality factor is defined based upon it, and thousands of carefully measured(More)
Ferroelectric domain walls are atomically thin, and consequently their dynamics are sensitive to the periodic potential of the underlying lattice. Despite their central role in domain dynamics, lattice-scale effects have never been directly observed. We investigate local domain dynamics in thin film ferroelectrics using atomic-force microscopy. Upon(More)
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