Stephen W. Broome

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Mixed stands ofSpartina patens andScirpus olneyi occur in brackish marshes along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.Scirpus olneyi is considered to be an important wildlife food, and marshes are often managed to favor its dominance overS. patens. Two environmental factors that affect growth of the two species are salinity and water regime. The objectives of this(More)
The DRAINWAT, DRAINmod for WATershed model, was selected for hydrological modelling to obtain water table depths and drainage outflows at Open Grounds Farm in Carteret County, North Carolina, USA. Six simulated storm events from the study period were compared with the measured data and analysed. Simulation results from the whole study period and selected(More)
The effect of bridge shading on estuarine marsh food webs was assessed by comparing benthic invertebrate communities beneath seven highway bridges with marshes outside of bridge-affected areas (reference marshes). We used light attenuation and height-width ratio (HW ratio), which takes into account the two main bridge characteristics that determine the(More)
Tidal marsh creation helps remediate global warming because tidal wetlands are especially proficient at sequestering carbon (C) in soils. However, greenhouse gas (GHG) losses can offset the climatic benefits gained from C storage depending on how these tidal marshes are constructed and managed. This study attempts to determine the GHG emissions from a 4–6(More)
Techniques were developed for establishing brackish marshes on graded upland sites which were connected to the Pamlico River estuarine system. The principal factors which affected establishment and growth were elevation, soil moisture conditions after transplanting, and nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization. Marsh vegetation was limited to a narrow,(More)
Disposal of wastewater generated by confmed swine production units is a problem when land is limited. Improperly sized or managed waste treatment systems can cause odor and water pollution problems. Our objective was to compare the mass removal of nitrogen from swine wastewater by the current technology that uses anaerobic lagoon treatment with alternative(More)
Short and tall height form transplants ofSpartina alterniflora from Beaufort were compared with intermediate height form plants from three other North Carolina locations (Oregon Inlet, Ocracoke Island, and Snow’s Cut) at a common site for five growing seasons to determine variation in growth response as related to marsh initiation. In September, 5 months(More)
Previous work has estimated the hydroperiod requirements (saturation duration and frequency) of wetland plant communities by modeling their hydrologic regimes in natural (never drained) wetlands for a 40-yr period. This study tested the modeled predictions in a controlled greenhouse study using tree species representing three of the plant communities plus(More)
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