Stephen W Berry

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The Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (MAIS) was developed to evaluate meaningful use of sound in everyday situations by profoundly hearing-impaired children. Information about the use of sound in everyday situations is obtained with a parent interview technique. Initial findings obtained with this scale are reported in Experiment 1 for children who use(More)
Analyses were performed on the spontaneous speech samples produced by profoundly hearing-impaired children who used the 3M/House single-channel cochlear implant (n = 7), the Nucleus multichannel cochlear implant (n = 7), or the two-channel tactile aid, the Tactaid II (n = 12). Speech recordings were obtained in the predevice condition, and after 6- and(More)
The speech perception abilities of 37 children with cochlear implants (single-channel or multichannel) were examined as a function of age at onset of deafness. There was no significant difference in the speech perception abilities of implanted children who were born deaf and those of implanted children who lost their hearing during the first 3 years of(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of a tannic acid-based medical food, Cesinex®, in the treatment of diarrhea and to investigate the mechanisms underlying its antidiarrheal effect. Cesinex® was prescribed to six children and four adults with diarrhea. Patient records were retrospectively reviewed for the primary(More)
In primary care and physical therapy settings, we evaluated an intervention for chronic back pain patients which incorporated fear reducing and activating techniques. Primary care patients seen for back pain in primary care were screened to identify persons with significant activity limitations 8-10 weeks after their visit. Eligible and willing patients(More)
The purpose of this experiment was first, to compare the performance of three matched groups of experimental subjects who used either a single-channel cochlear implant, a multichannel cochlear implant, or a two-channel vibrotactile aid on a battery of speech perception measures, and second, to compare the performance of subjects with residual hearing who(More)
The folding of a protein is a process both expeditious and robust. The analysis of this process presented here uses a coarse, discretized representation of the evolving form of the backbone chain, based on its torsional states. This coarse description consists of discretizing the torsional coordinates modulo the Ramachandran basins in the local softmode(More)
Aliphatic N-oxides as cosolvents with water play an important role in stabilizing and destabilizing the structure of biopolymers such as cellulose and proteins. To allow for detailed microscopic investigations, an empirical force field to be used in molecular simulations is developed for two N-oxide species, N,N,N-trimethylamineN-oxide (TMAO) and(More)
Use of composite resins now includes indirect curing methods. Surface chemistry, repair bond strength, plus location of failure and five physical properties of two direct and three indirect composite resins were determined. There were statistically significant differences in flexural strength of materials and in hardness values. Repair bond strength(More)