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Maize genetic diversity has been used to understand the molecular basis of phenotypic variation and to improve agricultural efficiency and sustainability. We crossed 25 diverse inbred maize lines to the B73 reference line, capturing a total of 136,000 recombination events. Variation for recombination frequencies was observed among families, influenced by(More)
Measurements of the production and consumption of organic material have been a focus of aquatic science for more than 80 years. Over the last century, a variety of approaches have been developed and employed for measuring rates of gross primary production (Pg), respiration (R), and net ecosystem production (Pn = Pg − R) within aquatic ecosystems. Here, we(More)
Shallow, seaward portions of modern coral reefs produce about 4 kilograms of calcium carbonate per square meter per year, and protected areas produce about 0.8 kilogram per square meter per year. The difference is probably largely a function of water motion. The more rapid rate, equivalent to a maximum vertical accretion of 3 to 5 millimeters per year,(More)
The WRAP53 gene gives rise to a p53 antisense transcript that regulates p53. This gene also encodes a protein that directs small Cajal body-specific RNAs to Cajal bodies. Cajal bodies are nuclear organelles involved in diverse functions such as processing ribonucleoproteins important for splicing. Here we identify the WRAP53 protein as an essential factor(More)
Articles T he process of eutrophication represents the bio-geochemical response to heavy nutrient loading (Nixon 1995, Cloern 2001). Typical consequences of eutrophication include (a) elevated primary production in response to elevated nutrient delivery and (b) elevated respiration in response to the rapid production of organic matter. In cases of(More)
Curriculum Framework. This framework presents the revised statewide guidelines for learning, teaching, and assessment in science and technology/engineering for the Commonwealth's public schools. Based on scholarship, sound research, and effective practice, the framework will enable teachers and administrators to strengthen curriculum and instruction from(More)
Corals and algal pavement produce calcium carbonate more slowly on the windward reef slope of Enewetak Atoll than on the reef flat despite the high standing crop of reef-building organisms on the slope. The capacity of reefs to remain at or near sea level is therefore not determined primarily by growth on the seaward slope.
from ongoing litigation. 4 Effectively, antitrust gives consumers the right to the level of competition that would have prevailed, on average, had the two parties litigated the patent dispute to a resolution in the courts. So long as consumers' rights to this level of competition are respected, the two parties are permitted to negotiate more profitable(More)