Stephen V. Rice

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We announce the availability of the UNLV/ISRI Analytic Tools for OCR Evaluation together with a large and diverse collection of scanned document images with the associated ground-truth text. This combination of tools and test data will allow anyone to conduct a meaningful test comparing the performance of competing page-reading algorithms. The value of this(More)
We offer a perspective on the performance of current OCR systems by illustrating and explaining actual OCR errors made by three commercial devices. After discussing briefly the character recognition abilities of humans and computers, we present illustrated examples of recognition errors. The top level of our taxonomy of the causes of errors consists of(More)
Finding a sequence of edit operations that transforms one string of symbols into another with the minimum cost is a well-known problem. The minimum cost, or edit distance, is a widely used measure of the similarity of two strings. An important parameter of this problem is the cost function, which specifies the cost of each insertion, deletion, and(More)
Like painters selecting hues from color palettes, sound artists and composers choose from palettes of available sounds. Their choices become part of plays, films, radio and television programs, songs, animations, and games. FindSounds Palette is an audio retrieval system designed to facilitate this creative process. Local audio files, and audio files on the(More)