Stephen V. Boyden

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An in vitro technique is described for assessing the chemotactic activity of soluble substances on motile cells. Antibody-antigen mixtures when incubated (37 degrees C) in medium containing fresh (i.e. non-inactivated) normal rabbit serum exert a strong chemotactic effect on rabbit polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Results are described which indicate that,(More)
PURPOSE Adaptive responses in mammalian cells appear to be highly variable. Six human cell lines were used to evaluate whether adaptive response could be related to radiation sensitivity or tumour versus normal cell lines. MATERIALS AND METHODS Six human cell lines (two fibroblasts, two melanoma, two breast carcinoma) were cultured under identical(More)
Treatment of sheep erythrocytes with suitable concentrations of tannic acid render them capable of adsorbing certain protein molecules from solution in saline. Red cells which have adsorbed proteins in this way are agglutinated after washing by the homologous antiprotein sera, even by high dilutions. Through hemagglutination sera can be titrated for(More)