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Behind the Voices: The Practice and Challenges of Esports Casters
Through examining challenges faced by amateur casters, this work identified three design opportunities for game designers to support casters and would-be casters as first-class users: those of the lack of social support for casting, camerawork, and data availability.
I Beg to Differ: Soft Conflicts in Collaborative Design Using Design Fictions
Examination of design fictions across five workshops where diverse participants created futuristic autobiographies, a method to elicit values, and built diegetic prototypes both individually and collaboratively reveals three kinds of soft conflicts that arose between participants and allowed them to bring up and discuss differing values regarding technology in society.
Speedrunning for Charity
It is found that central to every GDQ event is "the couch" which reconstructs the environment of a living room, which opens opportunities for design that evoke a visceral level of engagement with charity events similar to that observed at GDQ.
A Better Lens: Refining Esports Spectator Modes
This paper surveys 20 popular esports games on their spectating clients. This survey looks at if spectating client is offered, the difficulty accessing this client, the camera control, visual