Stephen Terry Holmes

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A high throughput proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy method for the metabolite fingerprinting of plants was applied to genetically modified peas (Pisum sativum) to determine whether biochemical changes, so called 'unintended effects', beyond those intended by incorporation of a transgene, were detectable. Multivariate analysis of 1H NMR (nuclear(More)
(" I dream of a country in which the preachers preach so-so, and the preached act so-so ") Abstract. We investigate a phenomenon which we have experienced as common when dealing with an assortment of Italian public and private institutions: people promise to exchange high quality goods and services (H), but then something goes wrong and the quality(More)
This exploratory study tests one of the key assumptions of community policing: that there is a relatively high level of consensus both within and between community groups, or stakeholders, about community problems and potential solutions. Results show that in the target community there is some consensus about social problems and their solutions. However,(More)
his paper advances three arguments. First, there exists a distinct liberal research program in international relations. Section 1 of this chapter proposes three " hard core " assumptions shared by all work within the liberal " scientific research program " in international relations (IR) and introduces three variants of liberal theory — ideational,(More)
A 71-year-old male with lumbar spinal stenosis developed exacerbation of lower back pain and leg paresthesias while attempting to undergo a spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan in the supine position. After undergoing sedation for the MRI, he developed an acute cauda equina syndrome that required surgical decompression. MRI may be contraindicated in(More)