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We examine ''realized'' daily equity return volatilities and correlations obtained from high-frequency intraday transaction prices on individual stocks in the Dow Jones $ We thank the editor and referee for several suggestions that distinctly improved this paper. Helpful comments were also provided Industrial Average. We find that the unconditional(More)
Although volatility clustering has a long history as a salient empirical regularity characterizing high-frequency speculative prices, it was not until recently that applied researchers in finance have recognized the importance of explicitly modeling time-varying second-order moments. Instrumental in most of these empirical studies has been the(More)
Polycomb-repressive complex 1 (PRC1) has a central role in the regulation of heritable gene silencing during differentiation and development. PRC1 recruitment is generally attributed to interaction of the chromodomain of the core protein Polycomb with trimethyl histone H3K27 (H3K27me3), catalyzed by a second complex, PRC2. Unexpectedly we find that RING1B,(More)
Genes on different chromosomes can be spatially associated in the nucleus in several transcriptional and regulatory situations; however, the functional significance of such associations remains unclear. Using human erythropoiesis as a model, we show that five cotranscribed genes, which are found on four different chromosomes, associate with each other at(More)
A study was done to evaluate the use of global positioning systems (GPS) to track the position of forest harvesting equipment and use the information to assess site impacts. GPS units were attached to tree-length harvesting machinery in two clearcuts (1 feller-buncher, 2 skidders). Position of the equipment was recorded at 2-second intervals throughout the(More)
ATRX is an X-linked gene of the SWI/SNF family, mutations in which cause syndromal mental retardation and downregulation of α-globin expression. Here we show that ATRX binds to tandem repeat (TR) sequences in both telomeres and euchromatin. Genes associated with these TRs can be dysregulated when ATRX is mutated, and the change in expression is determined(More)
Most recent empirical option valuation studies build on the a¢ ne square root (SQR) stochastic volatility model. The SQR model is a convenient choice, because it yields closed-form solutions for option prices. However, relatively little is known about the resulting biases. We investigate alternatives to the SQR model, by comparing its empirical performance(More)
The paper presents a concurrent algorithm for remote sensing applications that provides significant performance and image quality enhancements over conventional uniprocessor PCT techniques. The algorithm combines spectral angle classification, principal component transform, and human centered color mapping. It is evaluated from an image quality perspective(More)
We investigate the relative informativeness of earnings and dividends for firms with dual class capital structures. In these firms, two classes of common stock create a separation between cash flow rights and voting rights. Despite the concentrated ownership in the dual class firms, we find significantly lower informativeness of earnings, in the form of a(More)