Stephen Tang

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The maximum operating frequency (Fmax) of a processor is traditionally set at a constant value based on the maximum operating temperature (Tmax) and supply voltage (Vcc) droops. In addition, the expected slowdown of the operating speed during processor lifetime due to transistor aging is used as a guardband for setting the Fmax. The maximum operating(More)
This report reviews the evidence for the types of human rights violations experienced by people with mental and psychosocial disabilities in low-income and middle-income countries as well as strategies to prevent these violations and promote human rights in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The article draws on(More)
Abstract In the nanoscale regime, the double-gate MOSFET can provide superior short-channel behavior. For this structure, device scaling issues are explored. Gate length scaling will be limited by the ability to control off-state leakage current due to quantum tunneling and thermionic emission between the source and drain as well as band-to-band tunneling(More)
We have investigated circuit options to surpass the 1-V power-supply limitation predicted by traditional scaling guidelines. By modulating the body bias, we can dynamically adjust the threshold voltage to have different onand off-state values. Several dynamic threshold voltage MOSFET (DTMOS) logic styles were analyzed for ultralow-power use—from 1.5 down to(More)
BACKGROUND Low incomes may not provide the minimum requirements for healthy living. We evaluated experiences of food insecurity in relation to income in inner London. METHODS Subjects attending 10 general medical practices completed a short self-administered questionnaire, including the short form Household Food Security Scale and a short food frequency(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative brain injury is common in neonates with complex congenital heart disease. Increasing evidence suggests a complex interaction of prenatal and postnatal risk factors for development of brain white matter injury, called periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), in neonates with complex congenital heart disease. To date, there remains a(More)
Clock frequency of a multi-ported, 256X32h dynamic register file in a lOOnm technology is improved by 50%, compared to the best dual-V, (DVT) design, using LBSF and SFN leakage-tolerant circuit techniques for LBL and GBL. Total transistor width of the full LBSF design is the smallest. High performance microprocessor execution cores require multi-ported(More)
Digital games are no longer used solely as a form of entertainment. Such forms of interactive content have extended their application to areas such as advertising, simulation, training and even education. In this paper we present our description of games for learning and explain the various terminology used in the literature. We also discuss the learning(More)
A versatile SOI model derived from the BSIM3v3 bulk MOSFET model is capable of simulating partially and fully depleted devices with options for self-heating and floating body effects. The model can automatically switch between fully and partially depleted regimes. After refining body current models we for the first time present successful dc and transient(More)
To understand the role of Ras-MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase) in trophic factor withdrawal- and oxidative stress-induced apoptotic cell death processes, undifferentiated rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells and a PC12 variant cell line stably expressing the Ras dominant-negative mutant (M-M17-26) were subjected to serum withdrawal in the absence or(More)