Stephen Tak-lun Li

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When a peripheral nerve is severed and left untreated, the most likely result is the formation of an endbulb neuroma; this tangled mass of disorganized nerve fibers blocks functional recovery following nerve injury. Although there are several different approaches for promoting nerve repair, which have been greatly refined over recent years, the clinical(More)
This paper describes the repair of peripheral nerves with a tubular conduit fabricated from collagen. The tubular collagen matrix was made semipermeable to permit nutrient exchange and accessibility of neurotrophic factors to the axonal growth zone during regeneration. In-vitro studies showed that the semipermeable collagen conduit allowed rapid diffusion(More)
We are reporting an unusual case of haemorrhage in the Berger’s space after an episode of blunt ocular trauma in an eye of a 4-year-old boy, who enjoyed premorbid normal vision. A secondary posterior subcapsular cataract developed as a complication of the haemorrhage after 6 months of observation. Surgery comprised cataract extraction, removal of a residual(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this paper is to report the successful management of the first case of Lasiodiplodia theobromae keratitis in Hong Kong. METHODS We conducted a case report. RESULTS A 43-year-old Chinese male with a history of diabetes developed left eye keratitis after a trauma during tree felling. Fungal keratitis was diagnosed using a confocal(More)
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