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Summer Temperatures of Late Eocene to Early Oligocene Freshwaters: a Multi-proxy Approach
The marine foraminiferal isotope record displays a positive δ18O shift early in the Oligocene, which has been identified as the onset of the Antarctic Oi-1 glaciation. Reported here are the firstExpand
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Phosphate δ 18 O determination of modern rodent teeth by direct laser fluorination: an appraisal of methodology and potential application to palaeoclimate reconstruction
Abstract A direct laser-fluorination (DLF) method is presented for phosphate δ 18 O analysis (mass 1 — 2 mg). The automated system heats samples in the presence of excess BrF 5 using a 25 W CO 2Expand
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Deep penetration of meteoric waterin Variscan ductile shear zones
Deep penetration of meteoric water in Variscan ductile shear zones C. DUSSEAUX, A. GEBELIN, P. BOULVAIS, M. DUBOIS, V. GARDIEN, S. GRIMES, A. MULCH SoGEES, Plymouth University, PL84AA Plymouth, UKExpand
Characterization of meteoric water infiltration in Variscan shear zones
Crustal-scale shear zones are sites of significant fluid circulation. The Armorican Massif (AM) and the French Massif Central (FMC) are part of the internal zones of the Variscan Belt, whereExpand