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Nickel-catalyzed enantioselective arylation of pyridine
A Ni-catalyzed cross coupling of arylzinc reagents with pyridinium ions provides enantioenriched dihydropyridines, which are precursors to diverse piperidine derivatives.
Nickel-catalyzed enantioselective arylation of pyridinium ions: harnessing an iminium ion activation mode.
It is demonstrated that this activation mode enables the enantioselective synthesis of α-substituted 2,3-dihydro-4-pyridones by Negishi cross-coupling with N-acyl pyridinium ions, and would demonstrate for the first time that iminium ion activation by Ni0 is subject to highly enantiOSElective C–C bond formation.
18O assisted analysis of a γ,δ-epoxyketone cyclization: synthesis of the C16-C28 fragment of ammocidin D.
NMR data of the synthetic C16-C28 fragment compared favorably to the natural product providing support of the assigned stereochemistry.
Nickel‐Catalyzed Enantioselective Arylation of Pyridinium Ions: Harnessing an Iminium Ion Activation Mode.
This novel enantioselective Negishi cross-coupling reaction affords a wide range of synthetically valuable pyridone derivatives from readily prepared starting materials.