Stephen T. S. Lee

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Recent interest in intermittent generation and plant response to meet load pickups suggests that load-following and spinning-reserve penalties need to be considered in the economic evaluation of intermittent generation. This paper presents a simple method for estimating the spinning-reserve and load-following requirements for a power system containing(More)
In this paper, we describe a fully autonomous, selfreplicating, electromechanical circuit, and the minimalist manipulation system that the circuit uses as a substrate in order to function. In the context of a class project at JHU, we designed and built a prototype system consisting of basic electronic components and motors which had the ability to build a(More)
Although law enforcement sometimes employ informants or video/audio surveillance, often it uses simple observations to catch criminals. For example, if a guard works at a number of different banks, each of which has been robbed during or shortly after his employment, then clearly investigators should be astute enough to suspect the guard of some involvement(More)
Low-head hydroelectric generation may be an important electric power source in the future for certain areas in the United States. A methodology is discussed in this brief technical paper for assessing the low-head hydropower marketability in each of twelve regions covering the continental United States. The potential marketability of low-head hydroelectric(More)
The mathematical models for the economic evaluation of tidal power development involving a primary and secondary markets are presented in the context of utilities' generation expansion planning. The approach is to determine the economic benefits of tidal power by the difference in the least-cost expansion plans with and without tidal development. The(More)
This paper presents a procedure for using a number of production simulations to estimate power-pooling benefits. The method can be applied to a power system including any number of interconnected areas. By analyzing the production simulations for the individual areas operated first in isolation and then in a pool dispatch, estimates of economy interchange(More)
Using the concept of an Expected Incremental Generation Cost Curve (EIGC), a new probabilistic production cost methodology is presented. This method, somewhat related to the Baleriaux-Booth equivalent load concept, is useful for production costing in both traditional systems and those involving storage. In fact, the probabilistic storage-thermal scheduling(More)
This paper presents the results of a study on the applications of fuel cell power plants (FCPPs) on actual utility systems for the period 1986-2005. Thirty- seven utilities participated in this study, and provided their actual system data and dollar values on the potential realizable benefits of applying FCPPs on their systems. A single computer model and a(More)