Stephen T. Kerr

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By its nature, technology changes constantly. Technology in education is no different. At the time the original version of this chapter was prepared, the Internet was still the exclusive province of academic and a few educational enthusiasts; distance education was a clumsy congeries of TV broadcasts, correspondence, and the occasional e-mail discussion(More)
OBJECTIVE Traumatic tension hemopneumothorax is fatal if not treated rapidly. However, whether prehospital decompression is better achieved by chest tube or needle thoracostomy is unknown. We conducted this study to compare the immediate results and prolonged effectiveness of two methods of treatment for traumatic tension hemopneumothorax in a swine model.(More)
This written report summarizes the discussions an d conclusions of the goals and objectives group at th e ACM/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Software Tools for Use r Interface Development . The report is organized into th e following sections : e Section 1 — Overview of group goals and discussions Section 2 — Definition and characteristics of a UIM S ® Section 3 —(More)
Marriage has been shown to be conducive to the well-being of both men and women. An increasing proportion of older people, however, are likely to live alone because of the high divorce rate. This research raises the question of what factors might be involved in a stable and satisfying marriage. Data were gathered from 100 couples who have been married(More)
Difficulties with "wayinillibxf' are common among users of electronic information systems. A study pf strategies (textual, graphic, color) to cue users to their location in a database showed that the presence or absence of physical cues was less important to successful searching than the user's ability to represent internally the structure of the(More)
Mouse B16 melanoma cells respond to melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) or cholera toxin (CT) with an accumulation of cAMP. The kinetics and dose-response of MSH were examined in the B16 parent line and two cell clones derived from it that exhibited wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) resistance [1]. These WGA lectin-resistant cells, designated W4 and W5 showed a(More)
BACKGROUND Serum macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (MIC-1/GDF15) concentration has been associated with colonic adenomas and carcinoma. AIMS To determine whether circulating MIC-1/GDF15 serum concentrations are higher in the presence of adenomas and whether the level decreases after excision. METHODS Patients were recruited prospectively from a single(More)
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