Stephen T. Kerr

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Business organizations worldwide are implementing techniques and technologies to better manage their knowledge. Their objective is to improve the quality of the contributions people make to their organizations by helping them to make sense of the context within which the organization exists; to take responsibility, cooperate, and share what they know and(More)
This written report summarizes the discussions an d conclusions of the goals and objectives group at th e ACM/SIGGRAPH Workshop on Software Tools for Use r Interface Development. The report is organized into th e following sections : e Section 1 — Overview of group goals and discussion s Section 2 — Definition and characteristics of a UIM S ® Section 3 —(More)
By its nature, technology changes constantly. Technology in education is no different. At the time the original version of this chapter was prepared, the Internet was still the exclusive province of academic and a few educational enthusiasts; distance education was a clumsy congeries of TV broadcasts, correspondence , and the occasional e-mail discussion(More)
This examination of the effectiveness of various methods of cuing users to their location in a videotex information system used five different versions of an electronic edition of a college catalog: "simple" (no cues), "headers" (textual cues), "color" (color cues), "icons" (graphic cues), and "fancy" (textual, color, and graphic cues). The 99 graduate(More)
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