Stephen T. Hassard

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BACKGROUND We examined social approachability judgments in a psychiatric population that frequently experiences interpersonal difficulties and reduced social satisfaction, individuals with generalized social phobia (gSP). METHODS Our objective was to broaden the understanding of the social cognitive tendencies of individuals with gSP by systematically(More)
A foot-and-mouth disease virus mutant which is stable at pH 6.4 has been isolated from a virus of serotype A. In contrast to the parent (P) virus, which gave a mixture of large and small plaques in BHK21 cells and in a bovine kidney cell line, the acid-resistant (AR) virus gave small plaques which did not increase markedly in size after 24 hr. The(More)
The major packaging signal of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) RNA has been localised to the region 3' to the major splice donor within the leader sequence. Secondary structural studies for this region of the HIV-1 genome have shown the existence of a stem-loop structure capped by a purine-rich tetraloop. Extensive mapping data presented here(More)
During mosquito transmission, malaria ookinetes must cross a chitin-containing structure known as the peritrophic matrix (PM), which surrounds the infected blood meal in the mosquito midgut. In turn, ookinetes produce multiple chitinase activities presumably aimed at disrupting this physical barrier to allow ookinete invasion of the midgut epithelium.(More)
Although a positive association between antisocial behavior and anxiety disorders may seem clinically counterintuitive, some previous studies have in fact found a higher co-occurrence of anxiety disorders and antisocial behavior than in the general population. We investigated the relationship between anxiety disorders and antisocial behavior in two(More)
Previous community surveys have demonstrated that individuals with self-perceived need for mental health treatment in combination with meeting DSM-III-R criteria display the greatest levels of impairment in the community and have a higher likelihood of reporting parental psychopathology. The current investigation aims to replicate and extend these findings(More)
A subgenomic cDNA clone from human rhinovirus 14 (HRV-14), comprising the 5' non-coding region and the first 1182 nucleotides of the coding sequence, has been inserted into a vector under the control of the T7 promoter, and RNA was transcribed. Deletions in the 5' non-coding sequence modulated viral polyprotein synthesis significantly in a reticulocyte(More)
The occurrence of many subtypes within a serotype of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) makes it difficult to control the disease by vaccination. Although inactivated vaccines are used successfully in many countries, the appearance in the field of antigenic variants against which the vaccines do not confer protection is a constant problem in vaccine(More)