Stephen T. Adams

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Only a fraction (12%) of 268 "autoreactive" T cell clones derived from lupus-prone mice can selectively induce the production of pathogenic anti-DNA autoantibodies in vitro and accelerate the development of lupus nephritis when transferred in vivo. The CDR3 loops of T cell receptor beta chains expressed by these pathogenic T helper (Th) clones contain a(More)
We study the magnetic relaxation rate Γ of the single-molecule magnet Mn(12)-tBuAc as a function of the magnetic field component H(T) transverse to the molecule's easy axis. When the spin is near a magnetic quantum tunneling resonance, we find that Γ increases abruptly at certain values of H(T). These increases are observed just beyond values of H(T) at(More)
Although one role of computers in science education is to help students learn specific science concepts, computers are especially intriguing as a vehicle for fostering the development of epistemological knowledge about the nature of scientific knowledge—what it means to "know" in a scientific sense (diSessa, 1985). In this vein, the article by Cullin &(More)
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