Stephen Sugden

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This paper explores the use of the meta-heuristic search algorithm Simulated Annealing for solving a minimum cost network synthesis problem. This problem is a common one in the design of telecommunication networks. The formulation we use models a number of practical problems with hop-limit, degree and capacity constraints. Emphasis is placed on a new(More)
Spreadsheets made their first appearance for personal computers in 1979 in the form of VisiCalc, an application designed to help with accounting tasks. Since that time, the diversity of applications of the spreadsheet program is evidenced by its continual reappearance in scholarly journals. Nowhere is its application becoming more marked than in the field(More)
This article provides a definition of recursion1 based on the facilities offered by the spreadsheet. The recursive paradigm is contrasted with the functional form, whereby a table of values is generated by reference to the values of neighbouring cells rather than by means of context-independent direct formulae. The examples given in this article show that(More)
Traffic allocation strategy becomes a significant factor in optimization of bandwidth usage of telecommunication resources, especially with increasing use of broadband applications. Allocation strategy in dynamic LEO (Low Earth Orbital) satellite communication network is studied, to improve their Quality of Service (QoS). Traffic allocation control is(More)