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Knowledge-based engineering (KBE) has emerged as a valuable tool for many industries seeking to harness company information and knowledge resources. Commercially available KBE systems offer a variety of development languages and interfaces for this purpose. While offering the potential for great savings, these systems frequently require substantial setup to(More)
Sepsis is the systemic response to infection complicated by organ dysfunction. It is a leading cause of in-hospital mortality, with an observed mortality of 20-40%, and is associated with significantly high costs. Furthermore, patients who survive sepsis are more likely to have permanent organ damage, cognitive impairment and physical disability. Survival(More)
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients have significant morbidity and mortality, often from complications that arise during the hospital stay. Severe sepsis is one of the leading causes of death among these patients. Predictive models have the potential to allow for earlier detection of severe sepsis and ultimately earlier intervention. However, current methods(More)
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