Stephen Scott

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OBJECTIVES To compare the cumulative costs of public services used through to adulthood by individuals with three levels of antisocial behaviour in childhood. DESIGN Costs applied to data of 10 year old children from the inner London longitudinal study selectively followed up to adulthood. SETTING Inner London borough. PARTICIPANTS 142 individuals(More)
OBJECTIVE The development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) often has been attributed to injury from mechanical ventilation and supplemental oxygen. Early lung inflammation in infants with BPD has been thought to be secondary to these factors. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether preexisting (prenatal) inflammation may be a primary causative(More)
Posteroanterior weight-bearing radiographs, made with the knee in 45 degrees of flexion, were compared with conventional radiographs for fifty-five patients who had surgical treatment for a lesion causing pain in one knee. Narrowing of the cartilage space of two millimeters or more was defined as indicative of major degeneration (grade III or IV).(More)
We describe a generalization of the multiple-instance learning model in which a bag’s label is not based on a single instance’s proximity to a single target point. Rather, a bag is positive if and only if it contains a collection of instances, each near one of a set of target points. We list potential applications of this model (robot vision, content-based(More)
Early screening studies of autistic individuals suggested that up to one-quarter of cases were associated with the Fragile X anomaly. Recent studies find that the usual behavioural phenotype of the Fragile X anomaly is distinct from autism as usually defined, and that a variety of methodological factors contribute to the variability of the prevalence(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to devise a symptom scoring system to assist in diagnosing constipation and in discriminating among pathophysiologic subgroups. METHOD A structured symptom scoring questionnaire (11 questions) was completed by 71 chronically constipated patients and by 20 asymptomatic controls. The symptom score was correlated with a(More)
Arthroscopic meniscal repair is a technically feasible approach to the treatment of meniscal tears in young active individuals. To evaluate this premise, we repaired 29 minisci in 27 patients and then arthroscoped their knees 3 months later. Repairs were limited to displaceable longitudinal tears. In 16 patients ligaments were intact. Eleven patients were(More)
OBJECTIVE To see whether a behaviourally based group parenting programme, delivered in regular clinical practice, is an effective treatment for antisocial behaviour in children. DESIGN Controlled trial with permuted block design with allocation by date of referral. SETTING Four local child and adolescent mental health services. PARTICIPANTS 141(More)
PURPOSE Sacral nerve stimulation has traditionally been used to treat patients with fecal incontinence with intact anal sphincters. This rationale has been challenged, but it remains unknown if its efficacy is related to the extent of the sphincter injury. METHODS This was a prospective study of 15 patients with sphincter defects (9 combined, 2 external(More)
BACKGROUND Inhibitory and attention deficits have been suggested to be shared problems of disruptive behaviour disorders. Patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and patients with conduct disorder (CD) show deficits in tasks of attention allocation and interference inhibition. However, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of(More)