Stephen Schaub

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This paper discusses an approach to teaching basic object-oriented concepts in CS1 using Java graphics. Students first use a simplified turtle graphics API to explore introductory programming issues. Later, they see a real-world example of how inheritance can be used to add functionality to the standard Java Abstracting Windowing Toolkit, to facilitate the(More)
This paper summarizes our experience in communicating the elements of reasoning about correct-ness, and the central role of formal specifications in reasoning about modular, component-based software using a language and an integrated Web IDE designed for the purpose. Our experience in using such an IDE, supported by a 'push-button' verifying compiler in a(More)
An exploratory, non-hypothesis-based experiment set out to discover to what extent the assessment of music is influenced by the basic mood (hypomanic versus depressive) of the listener. Distinct differences became apparent on all four dimensions extracted from a polarity list, independent of the structural nature of the piece of music assessed. This result(More)
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