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OBJECTIVE To compare a practice of protocol-directed weaning from mechanical ventilation implemented by nurses and respiratory therapists with traditional physician-directed weaning. DESIGN Randomized, controlled trial. SETTING Medical and surgical intensive care units in two university-affiliated teaching hospitals. PATIENTS Patients requiring(More)
The aim of the study was to demonstrate competition between caffeine and a fixed valerian/hop extract combination (Ze91019) by the central adenosine mechanism. EEG was used to describe the action of caffeine on the central nervous system after oral administration (200 mg) in healthy volunteers. In addition to caffeine, the volunteers (16 in each group)(More)
A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled parallel-group trial (phase I) was performed to evaluate the central pharmacodynamic effects of two hypericum extracts with different contents of hyperforin (0.5% and 5.0%) but identical hypericin content. Three groups of 18 volunteers between 18 and 35 years of age participated in the trial. The volunteers(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if histamine release occurs in clinical sepsis. DESIGN Prospective, controlled, clinical study. SETTING Interdisciplinary intensive care unit and trauma ward. PATIENTS Sepsis was confirmed in 20 patients (test group) by the criteria of the Veterans Administration Systemic Sepsis Cooperative Study Group (1987) and was verified by(More)
A highly sensitive quantitative-topographical EEG was used in order to define first steps in an objective classification of migraine. A 17-channel quantitative EEG was recorded in 30 patients suffering from migraine with or without aura during the painfree interval. These EEG s were compared to EEGs of age related healthy norm groups using a new statistical(More)
In clinical reality the drugs used for H1/H2-prophylaxis are not restricted to the combination of dimetinden/cimetidine, also only for this combination the effectiveness for preventing severe cardiorespiratory disturbances is proven in a randomised controlled clinical trial. However, it is almost impossible to conduct such an extended clinical trial in(More)
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