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The contribution of the three core components of working memory (WM) to the development of mathematical skills in young children is poorly understood. The relation between specific WM components and Numerical Operations, which emphasize computation and fact retrieval, and Mathematical Reasoning, which emphasizes verbal problem solving abilities in 48 2nd(More)
Although the inferior parietal cortex (IPC) has been consistently implicated in mathematical cognition, the functional roles of its subdivisions are poorly understood. We address this problem using probabilistic cytoarchitectonic maps of IPC subdivisions intraparietal sulcus (IPS), angular gyrus (AG), and supramarginal gyrus. We quantified IPC responses(More)
The commercialization of autonomous aerial robots, also known as drones or unmanned aerial systems, will make autonomous aerial robots pervasive and ubiquitous across the national airspace within the next few years. Yet even today with a highly limited number of drones operating in restricted airspace, accidents are making national news, including ones with(More)
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