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BACKGROUND Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (EOTRH) is a frequently diagnosed condition in adult horses. The underlying etiology is still unknown. Hematologic, biochemical, and endocrine values have not been reported in EOTRH-affected horses. OBJECTIVES The main objective of the study was to describe the hematologic, biochemical,(More)
Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (EOTRH) is a painful progressive condition of older horses that involves multiple teeth, including canines and incisors. EOTRH is uncommonly recognized by veterinary pathologists and in some cases may be misdiagnosed as cementoblastoma. The cause is unknown. The goals of this study were to describe(More)
Low-copper amalgams aged at 37 degrees C, 50 degrees C, 60 degrees C, 70 degrees C, and 80 degrees C for periods of 7 and 30 days were examined using a scanning electron microscope and an x-ray diffractometer. Gamma-one Ag-Hg grain size and gamma 2 Sn-Hg volume fraction, and surface area were determined by quantitative metallography. At 60 degrees C and(More)
This article discusses the significant features and use of digital cameras, intraoral cameras, and oral endoscopes in equine dental practice. Although system features believed to be important have been listed, specific system recommendations have been omitted, since each veterinarian must individually determine the best system to meet practice clinical(More)
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