Stephen R. Stobart

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Treatment of SiEt(3)(CH=CH(2)) with ZrCp(2)HCl (Schwartz's reagent) followed by reaction with PPh(2)Cl provides a high-yield (75%) route to Ph(2)PCH(2)CH(2)SiEt(3), and accordingly hydrozirconation of CH(2)=CHCH(2)SiHMe(2) affords the intermediate ZrCp(2)(CH(2)CH(2)CH(2)SiHMe(2))Cl (2). The latter, which is very sensitive to hydrolysis and reacts with HCl(More)
Slow uptake of molecular dihydrogen by the diiridium(I) prototype [Ir(mu-pz)(PPh(3))(CO)](2) (1: pzH = pyrazole) is accompanied by formation of a 1,2-dihydrido-diiridium(II) adduct [IrH(mu-pz)(PPh(3))(CO)](2) (2), for which an X-ray crystal structure determination reveals that (unlike in 1) the PPh(3) ligands are axial, with the hydrides occupying trans(More)
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