Stephen R Smalley

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The authors reviewed 229 consecutive patients treated intramurally by resection of solitary cerebral metastasis. Patients were classified into four groups on the basis of whether a gross total resection or subtotal resection was performed and whether systemic disease was present or absent at the time of craniotomy. Group 1 had gross total resection and no(More)
PURPOSE Variations in target volume delineation represent a significant hurdle in clinical trials involving conformal radiotherapy. We sought to determine the effect of a consensus guideline-based visual atlas on contouring the target volumes. METHODS AND MATERIALS A representative case was contoured (Scan 1) by 14 physician observers and a reference(More)
Strategic planning for the Radiation Therapy Committee of the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) is comprehensively evaluated every six years in an effort to maintain a current and relevant scientific focus, and to provide a standard platform for future development of protocol concepts. Participants in the 2008 Strategic Planning Workshop included clinical(More)
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