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Clinical responses to anticancer therapies are often restricted to a subset of patients. In some cases, mutated cancer genes are potent biomarkers for responses to targeted agents. Here, to uncover new biomarkers of sensitivity and resistance to cancer therapeutics, we screened a panel of several hundred cancer cell lines--which represent much of the(More)
PURPOSE To present guidance for patients and physicians regarding the use of radiotherapy in the treatment of bone metastases according to current published evidence and complemented by expert opinion. METHODS AND MATERIALS A systematic search of the National Library of Medicine's PubMed database between 1998 and 2009 yielded 4,287 candidate original(More)
Bone metastases are prevalent among cancer patients and frequently cause significant morbidity. Oncology providers must mitigate complications associated with bone metastases while limiting therapy-related adverse effects and their impact on quality of life. Multiple treatment modalities, including chemotherapy, surgery, external beam radiation therapy, and(More)
Bone metastases are a common manifestation of malignancy, and external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) effectively and safely palliates the pain caused by this clinical circumstance. The myriad of EBRT dosing schemes and complexities involved with coordinating radiotherapy with other interventions necessitated the need for bone metastases treatment guidelines.(More)
This report examines the literature on palliative training in the current medical school curriculum. A literature search was conducted to identify relevant articles. Physicians and medical students both report feeling that their training in end-of-life care and in palliative issues is lacking. The literature expresses concerns about the varied and(More)
The most recent systematic review of randomized trials in patients with bone metastases has shown equal efficacy of single fraction (SF) and multiple fraction (MF) palliative radiation therapy in pain relief. It is important to determine the patient population to which the evidence applies. This study aims to examine the eligibility criteria of the studies(More)
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