Stephen R Kearns

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Normative reasons are strange beasts. On the one hand, we are all intimately familiar with them. We couldn't live for long without the guidance they continually offer us when we are trying to work out what to believe and what to do. At the same time, they seem to resist being analyzed in other terms. We can say that they ''count in favor of …'' (acts,(More)
The Theses As Mark McBride points out in his interesting and thought-provoking paper, " Kearns and Star on Reasons as Evidence " , we have proposed and defended the following ((where Φ is either a belief or an action). RA: Necessarily, F is a reason for an agent A to Φ iff F is evidence that A ought to Φ (where Φ is an action). McBride first revives an old(More)
Several surgical approaches to the posterior malleolus have been described. However, these approaches may make it difficult for fixation of associated lateral malleolar and anterior syndesmotic fractures. A single incision approach is described that allows safe access to the posterior malleolus while also facilitating access to the lateral malleolus and(More)
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